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IOT for Home Automation by Browser
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Ong Kai Li (65631)

4.13 Conclusion

In the nutshell, one of the main project goals, IOT for home automation by browser, is met. As proposed in the project, a web browser is developed for user to obtain the informations of their house and user managed to control their home appliances through their electronic devices as well. With this system, it enables the monitoring and controlling process easier and more efficient.
As mentioned previously, there are numerous home automation control apps which are being installed without a central control point and this situation will lead to some problems. Thus, in the web browser of this system, it also includes the function which user can directly connect to their other home automation systems such as MyFritz! and upCam. This function allow user to manage their home automation system with the central control point web browser rather than control with more than one applications (Apps).
Moreover, with the purpose of solving the energy wastage issues, an automatic control mode is embedded in this system which it will only be turn on when it is necessary. The most significant consequence of this system is that year after year it will take to the break even point which more energy and cost can be saved. As an example in this home automation system, when there are no motion in the room, the light will be turned off to save more energy and cost.
In conclusion, the smart home concept has gained a lot of attention lately and this trend will most likely continue to grow in the future. Hence, home automation systems will continue to evolve and become more advanced for making life easier and more effective.

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