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IOT for Home Automation by Browser
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Ong Kai Li (65631)

2.2 Problem Statement

Figure 2.2.1: Problem Statement
1. Elderly and the handicapped person faced problem to manually access control of the appliances instead of automation process:
There are some existing technologies which is usually a conventional wall switches and it's located in different places in the house, thus users required to operate manually by pressing the buttons to switch the appliances on or off. This will be very inconvinient for the elderly and some physically disable people to operate it because more manual efforts is needed and more time consumed.
2. High Energy Wastage and Cost:
As being careless is a flaw of human being, there are always someone who will forget to switch off their unused electrical appliances when they leave their home. This will cause a high energy-wastage on the electricity and it will increase the risk of the climate change of the mother earth. Furthermore, a natural consequence of overusing energy will increase the cost for the user. User will be paying more without an appreciation return on their investment. This flaw of human being will also become a hazard in their home as well.
3. Too Many Different Home Automation Control Apps:
Today, the smart home devices or home automation systems achieved enormous popularity in the world nowadays especially Google, Apple, Amazon, Crestron and Bosch. However, the systems are being installed without a central control point and that can lead to some home automation problems. For example, home owner install smart home units which can only be controlled by the specific manufacturer's app. This means after installing several devices from different manufacture, home owner will be required to install multiple apps in their smartphones in order to control their respective smart home devices. This is also not an efficient home automation control.
2. Busy user unable to acquire actual home information:
Nowadays, most of the peoples in this world are employed and some of them like to travel around the world. There are lack of time for the busy user to acquire their home information. For examples, user cannot get the information when they are away from home such as their home security condition, gas or water leakage, home temperature, food storage in refrigerator and so on.

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