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IOT for Home Automation by Browser
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Ong Kai Li (65631)

2.7 Requirement List

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Requirement List
Home Automation

Bachelor-Thesis WS 2018 / 2019
Faculty of Mechanical and Mechatronics   Ong Kai Li
Prof. J. Walter   Semester: WS 2018
Num. Name: Art Phase


Unit of Measurement

Physical-Technical Function

P01 onka Y/N P Operation via Web Browser        
P02 onka Y/N C AC Power Supply via Main Power 230 230 230 V
P03 onka Y/N C Power Consumption via Plug 17 16.925 17 W
P04 onka Y/N P ESP 32 microcontroller is to be used
P05 onka Y/N E Communication between devices via WLAN        
P06 onka Y/N C Ultra-Compact module is to be used 230 to 5 230 to 5 230 to 5 V
P07 onka Y/N C Automated Operation : PIR Motion Sensor        
P08 onka Y/N E Power Supply for PIR Motion Sensor >3 3.3 5 V
P09 onka Y/N C Automated Operation : LDR Sensor Module        
P10 onka Y/N E Power Supply to LDR Sensor Module 3.3 5 5 V
P11 onka Y/N C AC Power Supply to LED Light 220 230 230 V
P12 onka TR E Power Consumption of LED Light 15 15 15 W
P13 onka TR E Light intensity of LED Bulb for indoor 1000 >1000 1300 Lumens
P14 onka Y/N C Dimmable LED Light is being used        
P15 onka TR C Fuse for Safety Precaution 2 0.95 0.1 A
P16 onka W C LED for power supply Indicator        
P17 onka W C Main Switch for the electric of device        
P18 onka TR C AC PWM Dimmer module is to be used        
P19 onka W D OLED is being used to show the Information of ESP32 0.96 0.96 >0.96 inch

Technology (Manufacturability)

T01 onka Y/N C Design the casing for sensors and actuators Modify Ext 3D Print 3D Print  
T02 onka Y/N C Manufacture required parts Modify Ext 3D Print 3D Print  
T03 onka Y/N C Produce circuit board Donut board PCB PCB  


E01 onka W D Use existing parts from Laboratory        
E02 onka Y/N P Cost of parts 150 130 140

Human-Product Relationships

H01 onka Y/N E Programming in Arduino IDE        
H02 onka Y/N P Web Browser Interface        
H03 onka W D Feedback from Sensors to User Interface        
H04 onka W D Monitor Situation using IP Camera        
H05 onka Y/N C Labelling on Circuit Board        
Requirement Type : Y/N - Necessary, TR - Tolerated Requirement; W - Wish;  Construction Phase : P - Principle; C - Concept; D - Draft; E - Elaboration;
Name abbreviation of Editor : onka ( Ong Kai Li )
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