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IOT for Home Automation by Browser
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Ong Kai Li (65631)

4.11 Enhancements

This project is a new development project, therefore there are still some improvements can be made on this system.

Here are some of improvements can be made on this system:

Figure 4.11.1 : List of improvement for this project.

1. Design and fabricate its printed circuit board (PCB).
2. Design and manufacture the Mechanical parts such as, the housing of the system.
3. Implement the system into our real home automation application system.

Furthermore, there are more new features or functions can be added into this system:

Figure 4.11.2: Suggestions of new features.

1. Blinds/ awning/ schutters can open or closed based no the position of sun and home occupancy.
2. Users can set "wake up " mode to their home automation systems to wake them up such as lighting control system, schutters, sound control system and others.
3. Automatic plant irrigation systems which can automatic take care of the plants in user's home and user can control through browser.
4. Smart surveillance and access system which can lock and unlock automatically when user leave or back to their home respectively.

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