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Public IoT: Smart Street Light for Moving Object
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Nabilah Binti Salehuddin (65634)

4.13 Conclusion

Figure 4.13.1: Example of street light system around HsKa

As a conclusion, the project managed to be completed according to the basic concept that has been discussed earlier. User can interact with the smart street light system which shows that IoT approach is being used, which is the main topic of this project. The method on controlling the street light based on moving object also has been achieved.

In order to fullfill the idea of using IoT in everyday life, a user interface has been developed via a web browser to enable human interaction directly with the system. From the developed web, user can monitor the light intensity throughout the day and at the same time able to control the process of switching on and off of the street lamp. Based on this data, user also can monitor the situation around the area of certain street lamp pole based on the frequency of detected motion in the range of PIR sensor attached on the lamp pole. Finally, a system that operated similarly to existing products in market but with much lower cost can be achieved.

By developing this system, more energy can be saved as the street lamps will no longer have to operate according to daylight timing and only will be turned on if necessary. In the future, as the energy waste keeps being reduced, more money can be saved in terms of maintenance and also operating cost. Based on this project, I realize that utilizing IoT in our everyday life does not only making our life more easier but also helping us to conserve and save as much energy and money as we can by using the idea of people.

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2018/2019