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Public IoT: Smart Street Light for Moving Object
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Nabilah Binti Salehuddin (65634)

3.4 Advantages - Disadvantages - Catalogue

Solution components

 C Function: Detect motion
C.1 - PIR Sensor
Abb. Nr.: C.1
Advantages: Disadvantages:

Detects motion reliably in indoors as well as in day or dark.

Does not operate greater than 35 degree Celcius

Works effectively in LOS (Line of Sight)

Insensitive to very slow motion of the objects

C.2 - IR Sensor
Abb. Nr.: C.2
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Low power requirements Limited range
Do not require contact with object for detection Can be affected by environmental condition eg: rain, fog, dust, pollution
  Does not detect darker surface
C.3 - Ultrasonic Sensor
Abb. Nr.: C.3
Advantages: Disadvantages:

Can work in dark environment

Very sensitive to variation in temperature

Higher sensing distance

More difficulties in reading reflections from soft, curved, thin, and small objects

 D Function: Receive signal
D.1 -  1 ESP32 (share)
Abb. Nr.: D.1
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Cost efficient Not enough output current and voltage to supply to multiple output
D.2 -  1 ESP32 for each lamp
Abb. Nr.: D.2
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Enough current for output sensors Total cost is higher
easy to monitor via each microcontroller  
Stand alone system  
 E Function: Transmit data
E.1 - WiFi
Abb. Nr.: E.1
Advantages: Disadvantages:

Broader range (100 m)

More complex and requires configuration of hardware and software.

Better security features

High power consumption

E.2 - Bluetooth
Abb. Nr.: E.2
Advantages: Disadvantages:

Fairly simple to use and switching between devices is easier.

Small range (10 m)

Low power consumption

Less secure 

  Supports limited number of user
 F Function: Switch LED
F.1 - MOSFET driver
Abb. Nr.: F.1
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Operates solely based on electronic For DC actuators
Can support up to 8 various actuators at the same time (8 channel) Expensive than relay
Control and load circuits are separated by galvanic optocoupler  
Load voltage from 4.8 V to 24 V  
F.2 - Relay
Abb. Nr.:F.2
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Have fast operation and fast reset Requires periodic maintenance and testing
Can be used for both AC and DC systems for protection of AC and DC equipments Operation can be affected due to ageing of the components and dust, pollution resulting in spurious trips
  Operation speed for an electromagnetic relays is limited by the mechanical inertia of the component

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