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Public IoT: Smart Street Light for Moving Object
Winter Semester 2018/2019
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2.3 State of Technology

Smart Street Lighting System

Figure 2.3.1: Example of existing technology

1) Eluminocity Infineon Intel

This system equipped with radar sensors, power semiconductors,microcontrollers and security chips connect to the Internet via an Intel® modem to support new cloud-based business models. It also enables cellular technology for smart city applications supporting everything from real-time monitoring and control to over-the air updates. The radar sensors in the lamps detect when an object is approaching and the light gets brighter. Besides, it also can detect if a parking spot is free and transmit this information to the cloud to inform nearby  drivers and equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles.
Other features:
>demand-based street light control
>improvement of security
>traffic management
>data analysis of environmental factors (air quality, noise)
>detection of trash can filling degrees
>detection of parking space.

2) Telensa

It offers wide coverage of base station where it can covers until several miles. This sytem only offers connectivity and system for all street lights in an area. The sensor can be inserted later based on customers' demands. It is compatible with wide range of luminaires' manufacturers and drivers (0-10V) such as Phillips.  Apart from that, it reports instant fault which can reduce repair time and provides fault diagnosis.

3) Itron

This is a network controller which has fastest deployment of a centrally managed lighting system. It has full asset management which tracking nearly every aspect of the luminaire and pole besides can be extend into other smart city applications. The controller is mounted inside the luminaire. Operators can manage multiple brands or controller models from the same control software. The lighting assets can be managed through an HTML browser or through any device that has a modern HTML browser, including tablets and smart phones.\

4) Signify

It is an open platform that uses connected LED lighting to authenticate people and devices. It imports, store, and manages IoT data. In case of street lighting, it automates lighting and operational actions. This system offers real-time predictive analytics and also comes with an application. This application updates fault restoration schedule where it will notify manager when need replacing. The system also adapts city lighting to level of darkness, season, or context which will dim to 30% when the streets are empty late at night. It uses sensors on the light poles to detect activity.

5) Rongwen

The company offers complete system of smart street lighting which ranges from various LED/lamps, controller and also getaway.
The type of LED use is designed with efficient heat dissipation and pole with all-metal frame structure with high mechanical strength. It also supports two types of installation: horizontal and vertical and has wide power range. Rongwen D‐ONE Wireless Outdoor Lighting Controller (OLC) uses Silver Spring Networks Mesh network to remotely control and manage streetlights through a standardized 7-PIN NEMA receptacle. They collect and forward streetlight information, including power, voltage, current, power factor, lamp burning hours, temperature, etc via Access Points to the back office software. The Silver Spring Access Point 5 (AP 5) provides the central network resource for delivering data generated by endpoint devices at the network edge and IT/OT systems—enabling high performance applications, network control, and monitoring.

6) Dimonoff

The system includes practical and robust hardware, highly secured firmware and advanced software, which allows real-time and programmed management of a light networks, and delivers energy savings through dimming and trimming. A complete management of lights network, the city will need: 1 smart module per fixture, 1 Gateway with cellular modem for every 500 modules/fixtures (on average) and DimOnOff management platform (SCMS) to be installed on premise on its own servers, hosted remotely in the cloud or via a SAAS “Software As A Service” plan. The controller has multi-voltage, multi-input, multi-output for sensor connectivity and is compatible with all standard 0-10v dimming drivers. Software and database will be installed and will execute on the chosen server. Client access is provided by connecting to the hosted remote database. The server is primarily used for data acquisition, configuration & modification and reporting.

7) AcuityBrand

They provide advanced monitoring, control and data-capturing abilities to enable a broad array of data-driven applications and services. They also offer extensive selection of LED lighting and control solutions for city streets consists of various fixtures of lanterns, poles and controllers. LED street lights can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% compared to traditional sources and last over five times longer than traditional light sources, eliminating the need to regularly service fixtures. They also heighten visibility, which enhances security for both drivers and pedestrians. LEDs use less energy than traditional light sources while maintaining comparable light levels.

8) Philips City Touch

It is an end-to-end street lighting management system which is a secure, connected lighting management platform. It supports Ready luminaires from Philips and existing luminaires can also be made with a node or connector kit. One of the features is manage lighting, measure energy use, monitor system health and diagnose problems from a single intuitive dashboard. This is also an open system that supports sensors, cameras and other IoT devices to enable future smart services.

9) Osram SmartPack

The SmartPack comes equipped with a compact video camera. The full-HD resolution outdoor camera is optimized for road conditions and features highlight compensation (HLC), dynamic brightness adjustment (WDR) and automatic noise suppression (DNR).
In this system, there are 4 features available:
- Smart Parking helps reduce the volume of traffic searching for parking:
- Smart Security can improve the safety of residents
- Smart Traffic helps to monitor and regulate the flow of traffic:
- Smart Connectivity

10) Echelon Lumewave

It is industry exclusive hybrid technology solution which has integrating power line and RF communications for connecting street, area, garage and outdoor lighting. It offers flexible yet comprehensive, open standards-based approach to intelligent lighting control.

11) Intel inteliLight

Communication technology agnostic solution that uses any open protocol communication technology or combines them to meet the project’s needs: LonWorks® PLC, LoRaWAN™, NB-IoT, Sigfox. The system is already integrated with major IoT platforms and providing API connectivity. It provides the right amount of light where and when needed. In-depth grid management gives an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimization tools.


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