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Public IoT: Smart Street Light for Moving Object
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Nabilah Binti Salehuddin (65634)

4.11 Enhancements

Since this project is considered newly developed, there are many improvements and further developments that can be made.
Some improvements that can be made are:

1) Fabricate printed circuit board (PCB) and housing for electronic components.
2) Connect server and client from 2 different network.
3) More features for user interface on web browser.
4) Display value of light intensity.
5) Data logging of sensor value.

As for further developments, there are some ideas that can be implemented:

1) Configuration with camera for security and monitoring.
2) Add features such as measuring temperature, humidity and wind speed (weather forecast).
3) Navigation system for user to travel from one place to another according to lamp pole location.
4) Use solar energy as main power supply.
5) Traffic information based on location of lamp pole.

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2018/2019