Prof. J. Walter - Informationstechnik, Mikrocomputertechnik, Digitale Medien Introduction
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Public IoT: Smart Street Light for Moving Object
Winter Semester 2018/2019
Nabilah Binti Salehuddin (65634)

2.1 Project Introduction

IoT - Enable interaction between user and a system using wireless user interface.
To control arrays of street lamps using sensors, microcontroller and programming.
Lamps switch on/off based on motion detection.

Following the increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT) in everyday's life, the smart street lights project aims to control arrays of lamps using sensors, microcontroller and also programming. By detecting motion the lamps can be switched on and off without depending on day and night time which is the traditional way. The main concept that will be considered is energy saving by utilising sensor detection and also wireless monitoring. Throughout the project several things have to be taken into consideration such as suitable components required and also the overall cost. This project must be functioning as if in the real life application. Therefore the simulation of the finished project should be modeled so that it can be applied in real life with the present of moving object such as human or moving bicycle.

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2018/2019