What is 8x8-WebApp


8x8-WebApp is a graphical user interface (GUI) web application that is builded in order to monitor and control 8x8 leds which are connected to the microcontroller ESP32.

Both 8x8-WebApp and ESP32 are using MQTT protocol to transport the JSON-string type messages between each other. For security and reliability purposes, 8x8-WebApp and ESP32 MQTT clients are connected throughout a local private broker namely Eclipse MQTT Broker.

There are a few functions provided by this web application. For example:

1. Tap-To-Light

2. Text Generator

3. LightShow

4. LDR status

5. Battery status

The development of this 8x8-WebApp web application is done with Bootstrap UI Framework.


How to use 8x8-WebApp


1. a) Required device: 8x8 leds and ESP32

    b) Additional device: LDR and battery checker module

2. Download and install Arduino IDE with ESP32 compatibility: link here

3. Download and upload 8x8 LED ESP32 codes into ESP32: link here

4. Open 8x8-WebApp and try with Text Generator function

5. If succeeded, kindly try another functions. Enjoy!